Top 10 Hong Kong Hidden Gems: Explore Hong Kong off the beaten path

When you conduct some online research regarding the best places to visit in Hong Kong, you will realize that most websites will present the same places but with different descriptions.

If you follow such guides, you may end visiting the same site repeatedly or thinking that tourist attractions in Hong Kong are limited.
It’s until you encounter a useful post like this that you will know that Hong Kong is not in any way overrated. There are no sweet words to describe this magnificent city in Japan. If you are a traveler looking to explore some of the hidden gems in Hong Kong, we got you covered.

We have covered Hong Kong before, and we know some of the places that are worth your visit – most of these places are neglected by other websites we know are worth it.

1. Wong Nai Chung
2. Duen Keen Tea-House
3. The Bethanie
4. Victoria Peak Garden
5. Kwong Wah Printing Company
6. Sai Kung
7. Dragon’s Back Hiking Trail
8. Biking
9. Big Buddha
10. Gallery Hop