Why You Have to Forgive Yourself Before You Can Find the Perfect Guy

Why Self-Compassion Helps You Attract Your Ideal Man

You may be asking, what does self compassion have to do with forgiveness, and how does that get me any closer to finding a high-quality man? Self compassion is a stepping stone to the process of forgiving yourself. Self compassion means you understand that you and others are not perfect. In fact, we’re all imperfect. Once you clearly see that everyone is flawed, and it’s imperative to cut yourself some slack, you will simultaneously build self compassion.

Through this process, we remind ourselves that we are a human being worthy of love and respect. And when that is how you see yourself, that’s how men will experience you — as a confident, open-hearted, high value woman they want to pursue for a loving, committed relationship. Be easier on yourself, forgive yourself, and you’ll start attracting higher quality men.

There is a Process

For example, you’re up late one night thinking about something you regret having said to a guy on a date. Stop right there. Imagine all of the other girls who have said something they regret on a date. Lots. Once you make the commitment to being more compassionate with yourself, you can move on to forgiving yourself. Self compassion and forgiveness are the first two steps. Forgiveness comes when you have accepted your flaws and are ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. Because now, you realize that everyone is not perfect, and once you can forgive yourself, you can finally believe that you are worthy to be loved. This is the icing on the cake. These steps lead you to adapting a new life based on self love, and it will completely change your results with men.